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  1. metz

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    We will be in Prague for 7 days starting May 7, 2009. We are thinking about going to Kutna Hora and Terezin as possible day trips. If we purchased the 5 day tourist bus pass, can this be used on the buses to take us to these locations outside of Prague or is the bus pass only good for public transportation inside the city of Prague? Also, is it better and/or cheaper to use the train or bus for these day trips? I could not find the price for a bus ticket but was able to see the price for the train. Thank you in advance for any helpful information. We are looking forward to seeing the sites of this great city.
  2. GlennInFlorida

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    The five day pass is only good for transportation in Prague but it is good on buses, trams (electric street cars), the Metro (subway), and the funicular (cable car) on Petrin hill.
    I will let someone else answer the question about bus or train trip costs (i don't know the answer). I have traveled outside of Prague using both - the bus trip was much cheaper but it was also much shorter - both methods were very enjoyable. I used Student Agency Bus Line see: http://www.studentagencybus.com/

    Hope this helps a little - enjoy your stay in a truly magical place.
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    I have lived in Prague for 3 years and been to a lot of the sorounding area. I have taken both train and Bus. But since I am six foot 1 I find the train a lot more comfortable. There is lots of leg room on the train and you can always stand up and walk around to get blood back in the legs. The buses are too cramped – I can sit down but cannot move my legs. Just in case you are tall – take this as a warning and consideration when comparing costs. Now I always choose train over bus – even if the price is a little higher even though most of the time it is not.
  4. GlennInFlorida

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    good point - those kinds of observations do not occur to me because I am only 5 foot 7 inches tall (with shoes :wink: )
  5. bibax

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    After several beers I prefer train. :wink:

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