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Discussion in 'General Language' started by My Czech Republic, Dec 1, 2005.

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    A visitor asked:

    "Can anyone recommend some good books or websites on business Czech?
    Thanks in advance!"
  2. gementricxs

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    I don't think that exist some book to learn business Czech. Czech is not widely spread language like English, so even books to learn normal Czech are kinda "rare".
    Maybe better would be if he specify what words he needs to know.
    And, actually I don't think that some "business Czech" exist, business language is quite contemporary and the Czech language doesn't have enough time to create Czech words.
    Most words used in business are English (but we use them like Czech words - declension and so on).
  3. michal7

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    I do some correspondence with the Czech Republic at my job, but I don't have any good sources for business words.
    some business terms/phrases which would be useful to me are:
    tracking number
    Your shipment is scheduled to arrive in-house by/on
    We are pleased to inform you that...
    We are unable to find a source for this requested item
    Thank you for making us your choice of supplier.
    Kind regards

    thanks for any help in translation..
  4. Jirka

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    I hear "sledovací číslo" or "číslo sledování zásilky", but some Czech use the English epxression as well.

    "Zásilku byste měli obdržet do (date)". "Do" means 'by'. 'On' does not require a translation so you simply leave "do" out. The date can be all in numbers, day first, month next, year last.

    "Máme to potěšení vám sdělit, že..." I'm afraid the hard part is what follows.

    "Pro tuto požadovanou položku nesjme schopni zajistit zdroj". I'm putting this one quite literally.

    "Děkujeme, že jste si nás vybrali jako dodavatele." or "Děkujeme, že jste si nás vybrali za dodavatele."

    [/quote]Kind regards
  5. michal7

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    Diky Jirek za vas pomoc!

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