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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Geshe, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Geshe

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    I was wondering about the possibility of purchasing cannabis seeds. When i was in Prague I saw some grow shops (didn't go in) but i imagine i could purchase all the equipment i need. Also, anyone know the (i)legalities of it. I know i would get deported but i was wondering how the gov't viewed growing a small amount for personal use with in the confines of one's own home.
  2. eso

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    Sale, purchase or distribution of drugs is criminal offence by Czech laws.
    Possesion of small amount of drug is only misdemeanour.

    If some seeds of hem are sold in legal shops, then it's industrial hemp, which has significantly lower percentage of THC.

    About people, who grow marihuana at home - the police pursues them quite determinedly - some get off with suspended sentence, some not.
  3. magan

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    We have just seen good size bags of seeds in health food store at Pankrac shopping mall (right from the
    etro). They had section with that theme at the end of the isle. Nothing shady. They also have some bake goods like cookies, brownies and other food or drink items. I don't have knowledge of these things, but I guess some people consider it "health food". Sorry, don't remember name of the store, but it was larger store with teas and other health food stuff.
    Considering that it is sold so freely, I am rather puzzled and think that it might be eaten for fiber only. Have a look.

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