chance to move to ostrava, whats it like

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by carsmarco252, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. carsmarco252

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    hi, i am dating and living with a cz girl for 2.5 years in the uk but in the future she wants to move home (to ostrava). i could go with her but i really need to know if its possible for an english person to find work in or around ostrava, if its possible to pick up the language and how is it generally to live there?
    i have visited several times and i have tried to learn the language from books but it seems very difficult and to me it seems impossible to find a job. at least i now know there are a few english people living in ostrava which would make it easier!!
  2. Alexx

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    There is a lot people in Ostrava not able to speak czech, as there is a lot of internation companies here. But depends what job are you going to do.
  3. hoppo29

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    My wife is from the ostrava region and i will be moving north of ostrava and town called hlucin about 15 mins by car from ostrava. I have brought some land and my wife and I are going to build a house there in about 5 years, this is when we will move there and it is not a problem for me.

    cheers mark
  4. DaveUK

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    Hello. I've done exactly that, I moved to Ostrava from London. I have been here six months. If i'll be totally honest with you, i've wanted to come home every week. All across verious forums you have people saying it's ok. But trust me, without a basic knowledge of Czech, your life can become very hard. I've finally found work about 50km outside of Ostrava after applying for many jobs. I also work as a conversation teacher part time. There is work here, but be prepared for a vast salary drop. And you'll have to get used to the Czech way of getting things done. It can be a slow complicated process. However now i've started work for an international company were English is spoken every day and is a minimum requirement, life is getting better. I've made friends with English speakers and have some sort of normality in social calendar. The weather is consisitant and sunny at the moment, the people are very nice. Everyone wants to try there English on you, and you become very popular quickly. With all this being said, Make sure you visit for at least a month before moving, If I could change the events in life that brought me here, I would. I dont think i'll ever be 100% happy. Mainly due to the languge barier. If you do decide to move, please feel free to contact me, i'd love and English friend to spend some time with. Good luck.
  5. DaveUK

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    I also live in Hlucin. So if anyone wants a beer please get intouch for some native conversation.
  6. hoppo29

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    Hi Dave,

    I will be visiting Hlucin in september for 15 days if you would like to go for a pivo. My wife is from darkovicky next to hlucin. I also will be moving there in about 5 years, we have purchased some land in Darkovicky which we will build are home on in the future. Our email address is

    Kind Regards

    Mark and Jana Hopkins
  7. tonuhot

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    Well i moved to Ostrava 6 months back and so far it has been ok..As you have a czech wife it wouldn't be too much of a problem getting to know things....Some problems I had to face...It took me one month to learn how to ask for a tram ticket.

    Anyways Ostrava is a good city but it looks like a deserted, haunted town with absolutely everyone outside during the weekends. The czechs of Ostrava leave on friday for their cottages and Ostrava looks like a city of 200 people.

    Make sure you join "Britiske Centrum" The British Liberary near centre to get in contact with many English speakers and is the only place in the city to get some good books, Cds in English.

    It's a unique and different experience to live here, I would deffinately recooment you to try it first for a month or 2.
    Good luck and WELCOME to OStrava!!
  8. mraky

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    for work.if you knows only english, it is bad for you. You have possibility to work as some super expert, where enghlish could be accepted, or some low level job(i mean realy low salary). Next possibility is to work in UK, and come every week - there are some lowcost.
    Dont expect it is like in countries, where enghlish is second language. Also there are some restriction by law for some work, where you have to know czech language.
    so if you are planing to settle for longer time, take course or you will go crazy soon :)


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