Contact Information for Christmas Market vendor?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by rduggan3, Dec 22, 2007.

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    (IF this post is a duplicate, please excuse me since I am new to the forum and I believe my first post was not successful.)

    Two weeks ago, I saw a vendor in the Christmas Market who sells "Nut & Bolt Sculptures". His booth is VERY EASY TO FIND and is located along the outside of the market on the side where the horse-carriage rides begin, near the corner closest to the astronomical clock tower.

    I would like to make contact with the vendor to find out whether he would be willing to ship a purchase to the USA.

    From a photo I made, his card is a little blurry, but his phone number looks like either of these two possibilities:
    (a) 420-224-2472
    (b) 420-224-2478

    Email contact information would be preferable if the vendor has an EMAIL address!

    To help confirm identification of the vendor, I will gladly provide photo of his business card, the vendor's booth, and the item I hope he still has available to purchase.

    If anybody can find out contact information for this vendor, I would be most grateful!
    Thank you very much.
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    Which Christmas Market? There are many in the Czech Republic.
  3. rduggan3

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    Christmas Market with the vendor with the "Nuts & Bolts Sculptures" is the market at the Old Town main square.

    Booth location is along the side where the horse-drawn carriages begin their route, and is close to the corner that is nearest the astronomical clock.

    He had a business card, but I did not pick up one; rather, I took a picture of his booth with the card in the picture. Enlarging the picture shows the card slightly out of focus, but it is partially readable. (See my original post.)

  4. rduggan3

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    ....the Old Town main square in Prague....

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