Conversation in Czech for You and in English for Me (Skype)

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by juraset, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    Hi :p

    I have been learning English for two years and I would like more corversation.

    Teach me English and I will teach you Czech.

    We can use Skype or Yahoomessenger :wink:

  2. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    nobody? :cry:

    My name is Jiří and maybe in Czech pronunciation it sounds strange
    like an alien :D . . . "but don't worry I am not going to leap out of your chest " :) :p this phrase is from my favorite movie called "K-PAX" I love this film

    feel free ask me about everything
    If I know it I will tell you :
  3. kova

    kova New Member

    I would love too, but I know little Czech. If you have the patience, I would be happy to do so. Hopefully I will be attending language classes in Prague and would like to know something before I arrive.
  4. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    muzeme to zkusit - na skype me najdes jako meluzina_x - tak se ozvi :D
  5. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    It is great I am happy :)

    I think it would be problem with TIME ZONE
    because when I have 7pm You have (maybe) 7+4 it is 1am.

    Never mind, we can speak at the weekend If you want :)
    On the other hand we can write here and I can read it after I wake up :p

    I have enough patience :) :) just If you will have patience with me :)

    Why do you want teach Czech language?
  6. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    mas skvelou cestinu :)
    Ok, kdyz te uvidim na Skype zkusim to :)

    me najdes na Skype jako juraset
  7. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member


    the time zone shouldn't be a problem - i am closer than you think :D

    actually, i need help improving my "spisovnou cestinu" - but i don't mind chatting in english - of course, all of my education was in the u.s., so some people won't call what i speak "english" :D

    can't find juraset on skype???
  8. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    I am at work this time :( and I must check emmision values.
    I don't know if I have permitions for install Skype to my work computer

    I will try it in 15min :)
  9. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    do you mean some people won't learn from you because you are from u.s. ?
    myslis tim, ze nekteri nebudou chtit ucit americou anglictinu?
  10. juraset

    juraset Active Member

    Hello :)

    thank you for your reply

    If you have a Skype name or ICQ send me it here or as private message.
    We can practis each other :)

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