Could someone translate this for me?

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    This is a letter a girl sent me. I understand about 40% of what she's saying. I really wish I knew more Czech. Someday I'll go back and live there. I would really appreciate anyone who takes the time to translate this. Sincerely, Jeff

    Mily Jeff,

    ten telefon byl docela krize, co?
    Cestina vubec neni lehky jazyk, a tak se mas jeste co ucit. Ale myslim, ze
    moje maily Ti v tom trosku pomuzou. A az pristi rok prijedes do Prahy, abys
    tu studoval, urcite se musime sejit. Jenom doufam, ze Tvuj plan studovat v
    Cechach Te neprejde, a ze ho urcite zrealizujes.

    Co jsi koupil za auto? Jakou znacku a barvu? Teda ne, ze bych se v tom
    vyznala, ale i tak me to zajima.

    Jinak me se dari docela dobre. Tento tyden bude mit "moje" nejstarsi dite,
    Anton, narozeniny. Bude slavit ve ctvrtek 6. let. Takze tu bude velka oslava
    a plno cizich deti, ktere jeste neznam.
    Ja jsem si ale minuly tyden uz neco na ctvrtek domluvila. Chtela jsem jit s
    kamaradkama na koncert, kde budou hrat skladby od J. S. Bach. Uplne jsem na
    Antonovy narozeniny zapomela. No, takze si budu muset vybrat, ale
    pravdepodobne zustanu s Antonem.

    A zacatkem prosince budu delat zkousky, na ktere se ted intenzivne
    pripravuju. Pak dostanu papir "Zertifikat Deutsch". Tak na me mysli, abych to
    udelala a nemela s nemcinou zadne problemy. Zatim mi to docela jde, takze
    bych to mela zvladnout.

    Jeste jsem se chtela zeptat, jak se ucic cesky. Mas nejakou ucebnici?

    Zatim se mej fajn a tesim se na odpoved. Tvoje Sarka
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    Hi Jeff, I´m no native speaker of Czech (and also not of English) but I´ll try to translate your letter. Sorry for any mistakes.

    Dear Jeff,

    the telephone (call) was rather a crisis, wasn´t it?
    Czech is not an easy language at all, so you still have to learn some things. But I think that my email will help you a bit with that. And when you´re coming to Prague next year in order to study, we have to meet, of course. I only hope that you do not cancel your plan to study in the Czech Republic and that you will realize your plan.

    What car did you buy? Which brand and colour? I wouldn´t want to know it if I wasn´t interested in it.

    Besides that, I`m quite fine. This week will be "my" oldest child´s, Anton´s, birthday. he will celebrate his 6th birthday on Thursday. Therefore, there will be a big party full of strange children which I do not know, yet.

    I already told something about this Thursday last week. I want to go to concert with some friends, where they will play music of J.S. Bach. I totally forgot about Anton´s birthday. Therefore, I have to decide where to go but most probably I´ll stay with Anton.

    At the beginning of December I will take an exam, for which I now intensively prepare.
    Then I will get the "Zertifikat Deutsch" (certificate of German). Think of me so that I pass it and don´t have any problems with German. By now, I´m doing well so that I will pass it. [I´m not that sure about this sentence.]

    I also wanted to ask how you´re learning Czech. Do you have any exercises?

    Have a nice time and I´m looking forward to your reply, yours Sarka

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    Thanx a lot! I really appreciate that you translated this for me sooner than I expected. I really want to go back to the Czech Republic. I think you did an excellent job at translating this letter for me. Oh I wish I knew more Czech. Thanx again. Jeff
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    Není zac! :)

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