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    I have just received a Xmas card from my gf's parents which I take as a great honour :lol:

    I have tried to translate it using my limited czech but I am not sure that it quite makes sense. Any help will be greatfully received. It as follows:

    Uz nastal vanocni cas, kdy prejeme si navzajem, at'si jako loni i letos zas vanocni pohodu doprejem.
    Now ? yuletide, when wishing you in return, what though? as last year and this year again.

    Az zvonecek zazvoni, prijdou pak darecky na radu, jehlici k tomu zavoni a vsichni budou mit svatecni naladu.

    When the bell rings, (prijdou pak darecky?) in order, as well (zavoni?) and young and old will have a festive mood.

    Krasne proziti vanocnich svatku a hodne stesti do noveho roku
    Beautiful or fine enjoyment this yuletide and very best of luck in the New year

    mockrat dekuji

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    The first sentence is a little awkward. Also, your gf's parents made part of their welwishing into a little rhyme. That is one of the reasons why it is difficult to translate literally.

    "The Christmas time is here and we wish each other all the best this season as we did the last season."

    The following sentence refers to the tradition of ringing the bell to announce the ending of the Christmas Eve dinner and going to the tree where the gifts are ready to be open.

    "When the bell rings, the gifts are ready, and the wonderful aroma of the fir brings everyone into the festive mood."

    The last sentence is a typical Christmas wishing. You got the jist of it.
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    Thats is fantastic of you to be so helpful and I am glad my czech is getting better than I expected :lol:

    It has been a great help to me as I have to telephone them today and wish them an enjoyable Christmas so at least I can understand the reference to the little bell ringing after the Christmas meal

    You are a star and I may I wish you Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok!


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