Czech President Vaclav Klaus Caught Stealing Pen

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Yvan, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Yvan

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  2. Petronela

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    OMG I seen it on YouTube and it’s the funniest thing ever.
    :lol: ROFL, poor guy I actually feel sorry for him.
    But it’s also so weird to see other then American politicians making fools of themselves.
    Well either way…… must have been one hell of a pen.
  3. Sova

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    :lol: Hilarious, Yvan! Thanks for the post! The look on his face as he's pocketing the pen is priceless. The "who-me?-I'm-not-doing-anything" look. I especially loved the Guardian's report that there's a Czech Facebook campaign to contribute pens to Klaus.
  4. Yvan

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  5. Alexx

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    After next visit of Mr President in the US, Pensylvania will need to be renamed to Nsylvania :)
  6. scrimshaw

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    He sure did like that pen. Just couldn't resist.
    Little slight of hand, surely no one will notice. :oops: Caught red handed.
  7. wer

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    I envy you all the possibility to be there in Chile to eyewitness the thievery.
    Unfortunately, I myself am forced to rely on the cut footage by Czech TV which hardly proves anything.
  8. scrimshaw

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    Weren't you able to open the link from BBC that Yvan posted. It's very funny. Clearly showing him admiring the pen, taking it in his right hand, lowering his right hand behind the desk, (unseen but evident) transferring pen from right hand to left, then slipping purloined pen into his jacket's left pocket.
    Then with a satisfied grin, he nonchalantly closes the pen case.
    The film clip was featured on Jay Leno's comedy routine on The Tonight Show too.
    Caught in the act.
  9. Yvan

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