Czech sitcoms or sitcoms with Czech dubbing online

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dzurisova, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. dzurisova

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    Big Bang Theory:

    If you know anymore, please post them here. My husband tells me one of the best ways he learned English when coming to the States was simply watch American sitcoms. Well, here's a way to learn Czech. Watching Czech sitcoms or American sitcoms (as I prefer) with czech dubbing. :)

    Please share
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    That's one of my favorite series, but I dislike the Czech dubbing. It may be good enough to learn Czech, but it is not as funny as the English original.

    There are tons of sites for individual series, so for the sake of simplicity try this one which is exceptional for having a lot of series at one place — see the list on the left side under SERIÁlY ONLINE ZDARMA.

    Czech sitcoms are terrible. Possibly only Hospoda is worth of watching. But you can try even Comeback or Policajti z předměstí which are available on TV Nova website.

    But if you really want some stuff of Czech provenience, I recommend you to try some movies, fairy tales or some serious series, not sitcoms.

    That’s the better option. I think it is better for you to know the original.
  3. indy

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    I found this

    and below some episodes there is the same episode in english with czech subtitles
  4. scrimshaw

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    To jsou zajímavé. Nekoukám obyčejně komedie, ale to jsou legrační.
    To jsou zřejmě americké komedie. Panebože, jsem zastaralý.
    Je někde na intertnetu Seinfeld s tituly? To bylo klasické.
  5. Alexx

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    Sure, the best way to learn and improve my English is to watch a lot of american (and british) series, not only sitcoms - HIMYM, BBT, Gilmore Girls, Weeds, One Tree Hill, Entourage, Studio 60, 30 Rock, Hustle, Friends, Greek... many others. It makes hundreds of episodes (almost) each, thousands of hours. Never school can make one listen more. It is (I guess) the second to best way how to learn, the best being "being there".

    Mass production of movie/TV industry in the US makes it of course easier for all non-natives easier to learn english, then to any other language.

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