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    you missed my favorite: Nohavica :(
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    No, I've just left space for your posting it.
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    You can find his music directly on his website, even in english (websites, not songs) in discography section
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    Nothing beats Ivan Mladek....

    This is the biggest earworm I've ever had.... :D

    (an earworm being a song that you hate to love and can't get out of your head, no matter how hard you try....)
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    The same song with text in Czech, Polish and English.
    This song is a great hit in Poland and I suppose that the majority of its hundred thousands views are from Poland.
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    Youtube rules! :twisted:

    Several songs by Petr Hapka (music) and Michal Horáček (lyrics). The interprets differ which is, I think, optimal. At youtube there is everything interlinked, so you can browse the individual singers on your own.

    Levandulová 1986 (My Lavender One)
    Interprets: Petr Hapka, Hana Hegerová

    Vana plná fialek 1986 (A Tub Full of Violets)
    Interpret: Hana Hegerová

    Buřty, pivo a nenávist 1988 (Sausages, Beer and the Hatred)
    Interpret: Petr Hapka

    Utloukat čas 1988 (Killing the Time)
    Interpret: Petr Hapka

    S cizí ženou v cizím pokoji 1988 (Strange Woman in a Strange Room)
    Interpret: Michal Kocáb

    Štěstí je krásná věc 1988 (Good Fortune Is Such a Lovely Thing)
    Interpret: Richard Müller

    Dívám se, dívám 1996 (I Look and I See)
    Interprets: Lucie Bílá, Petr Hapka

    Králíček Azurit 1996 (Bunny Azurit)
    Interprets: Daniel Landa, Aťka Janoušková

    Bude mi lehká zem 2006 (The Soil Will Feel Light to Me)
    Interprets: Petr Hapka, Jana Kirschner

    Na hotelu v Olomouci 2006 (At a Hotel in Olomouc)
    Interprets: Petr Hapka, Tobias Szidi

    Díkuvzdání 2006 (Thanksgiving)
    Interpret: Daniel Landa

    Nemůžeš usnout 2006 (You Can’t Fall Asleep)
    Interpret: Petr Hapka

    Neodolatelná 2006 (An Irresistible One)
    Interpret: Jaromír Nohavica

    První noc v novém bytě 2006 (First Night in New Flat)
    Interprets: Jana Kirschner, Jaromír Nohavica

    Vidoucí, ale neviděná 2006 (Seeing but Unseen)
    Interpret: Jana Kirschner
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    Nooooo....Dick Clark wasn't a singer, was he?

    There really isn't anyone in the US anymore who would be the current equivalent of KG....Tom Jones, maybe... :)
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    You're 100% correct on Tom Jones, but.............Karl and Dick don't age 8) ....and they still woo the younger ladies

    My 14 year old daughter watches Karl when we have it playing but she won't watch Tom. Mother-in-law likes Karl and Tom while wife likes Karl and Depreche mode (sp).

    So.....with my scientific study, I conclude that Dick and Karl are equal :lol:
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    Hello everybody,

    I’d like to ask for your help. A few months ago I’ve seen some videos about Helena Vondráčková on YouTube from the Sopot Festival 2006. I’d like to see them again but unfortunately, they can’t be found now. So I’m searching for them but there are no result yet. :( Do you have an idea where I can watch them or where I should continue the search?

    Thanks is advance!
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