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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Czeska39, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Czeska39

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    so me and my friend are going to prague over the summer with my dad. were both 16 and i've been to prague before over the years but i've heard that it is more dangerous now. i want to go to some clubs but i've heard things about those too in prague. im intrested in what czech teens are like? boys? and what kind of fashion they wear. i dont want to look out of place haha. and also if its very expensive or not. i havent been to prague for about 4 or 5 years and need a bit of information on the present day. thanks!
  2. evian

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    Thats great you are going to Prague, you will no doubt have a great time.
    Well....I would say (from my personal experience) that I felt safe at all times when in Prague and did not have many problems - its another story for Amsterdam heheheh. I did not visit any clubs though, only pretty much the touristic sites and other places - so I can't help you there.
    I didn't find much unique about them compared to other ethnic groups/cultures. However, I did sense a strong connection of them with teens from Western Europe rather than from the East.
    Fashion seemed OK, nothing too different to what you would find in the UK and possibly America. There have been a few articles concerning this topic.
    This one:
    And this one: (if you can filter out the argument hehehe)
    Thats difficult to interpret, which country are you from? I am from Australia and I generally found prices for clothing substantially cheaper in CR (incl. Prague) than back home.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Carmilie

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    I think Prague is pretty safe for teenage girls. As long as you dont do anything stupid you should be fine. We dress I think pretty normal for most teenage.
  4. Malnik

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    This may cause you a problem getting into a club.

  5. Carmilie

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    You can go to clubs from 15 so you should be fine. Most people I know started to go when they were about thirteen or fourteen.

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