Dejvice or Holesovice?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Ainafeaiel, May 26, 2006.

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    Dobry den!

    It's been a nightmare to find single rooms in Prague, so i've had to settle with one of two hostels outside of the city centre. One is in a residential area of Dejvice (Zikova 13) and the other is in Holesovice. As i don't know much about either area, i 'd appreciate it if someone would advise me which area is best/safest etc?

    Thanks, Asha
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    Dejvice is a good aread. There are Czech technical university buildings around Zikova street. And you have only about 5 min to metro Dejvicka - line "A". This is direct line to the historical centre of Prague (Prague castle, Mala strana, Stare mesto) as well as to the centre of the city.
    And it's very easy to there get to/from the airport becuase it's the terminal of BUS 119.
    Holesovice was partly flooded during the last flood in 2002.

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