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  1. wer

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    I used it intuitively - maybe it is incorrect :wink:.

    I feel it so:

    discourage ... odradit

    disencourage ... zvrátit/narušit odhodlání, nahlodat (odhodlání), vzít sebevědomí
  2. Majkl vP

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    Yes, I can catch it on now. It's absolutely logical. I like your idea very much! :D Looks like you've invented a new, very essential word.
    Now, we're just facing the question how to explicate it to the English native speakers and teach them to use it. 8)
  3. Sova

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    The word "disencourage" may not be in the free version of the Oxford English dictionary, but it IS in the subcribed version. Basically the difference between the two according to Oxford is that "discourage" is to deprive of courage or dishearten, while "disencourage" is to deprive of encouragement (but also linked as a synonym to "discourage"). The word "disencourage," however, is rarely used in modern English.

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