doh.. can someone help me understand..

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by krism, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. krism

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    "Mam te rada"


    "Miluju Te"

    I assume Te is equivilent to "you".

    More appropriately, can someone point me towards a simple czech<->english dictionary online? I've found a few, but.. :)

    One last question: "rozhlas"

    I think it's a place? At least, that's what it appears to be..
  2. Joss

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    Hi Krism

    'Mam te rada' is what people say when they really care for someone or love them in a friendship or family context. It really equates more to 'I like you' That might sound funny but you only say 'Miluji te' which is I love you to a partner, bf/gf way. If you say I love you in Czech it means the real thing and is not nearly so thow away as in english.

    I'm only learning at the moment but that is how my Czech gf explained it to me.

  3. Halef

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    Joss is quite correct with the "Miluji Tě" / "Mám tě ráda" difference.

    The dictionary - looks quite useful to me. The two relevant buttons are "anglicko český" (English - Czech) and "česko anglický" (Cz - En).

    Plus, you may visit to find phrases, idioms or pronounciation examples.

    "Rozhlas" means "radio" in English, and can have several meanings - the device, the institution and its building.

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