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    Yes, very vulgar: "čurák", using it about somebody, he would be very angry, it's very dehonesting and expressing contempt.

    "žrádlo" is used for "animal food", use in connection with human food is wrong.
    But using it expresively
    "To bylo žrádlo!" means It was something very good :)

    Sounds crazy, too. :)

    The same in Czech "Česko má asi 10 milionů obyvatel."

    Pozdrawiam z Pragi :)
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    Similarly the polish "szukać" is similar to Czech "šukat", which means more or less 'f**k' and it is vulgar :)
    "szukać" = "hledat" in Czech
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    I am not an expert but what I can say about Czech language... How it sounds for me - Polish?
    Generally it has a lot of words which no more exist in Polish but existed many years ago. It is possible to find them in Polish "Bible language" or some polish dialects or in poetry. For example (in parentheeses old Polish forms):
    ubierać się - oblékat se (oblec się, oblekać się)
    księżyc - měsíc (miesiąc, miesiączek)
    jedzenie - jídlo (jadło)
    twarz - obličej (oblicze)
    gotować - vařit (warzyć)
    polowanie - lov (łowy)
    cieszyć się - radovat se (radować się)

    There are some simply the same words and even whole sentences. There are many different words than Polish but understable, with very nice and worm timbre for us.
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    As both langauages are of Slavic origin we have many words in common. On the other side, at the time of the "Czech national renascence" (Czeskie odrodzenie narodowe) our ancestors borrowed many words from Russian, Polish etc. :)

    again some similarity:
    "odrodilec" = "renegade"
    "obrozenec" = "active in the national renascence" (národní obrození)
    8) 8)

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