Film screening in San Francisco about CZECH painter

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    An Independent Documentary Film about Czech Painter Frank Koci
    directed by Margaux Joffe

    Long before Michael Moore focused on the iniquities of our society, Frank Koci (1904-1979) highlighted the injustices and hypocrisy of America through his art. The Czech-born, self-taught painter lived and worked amid the Beat movement in the North Beach District of San Francisco in the 1960’s. His paintings reflect the alienation and estrangement of urban life in mid-century America. Although he painted over 2,000 paintings during his lifetime, his refusal to sign with a gallery has kept his work from the public eye until now. In her documentary film “Koci,” director Margaux Joffe reveals the kafka-esque story of this beat era painter.

    Event: Film screening of “Koci” (Dir. Margaux Joffe) *** There will be a screening of the film, followed by a short slide show & lecture by Art Collector Audrey Darby.

    Location: San Francisco Public Library, Latino-Hispanic Room A

    Date: Saturday August 25, 2007

    Time: 2 pm

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