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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Pip, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I will be spending 10 days in Prague in the second half of August, so I'm learning a very minimal number of "survival Czech" phrases. Wish I could do more, but . . . !

    One thing I am wondering is whether Czech uses titles when speaking to people (such as "madame" in French, "signore" in Italian, etc.), or if it's more like English and German, where that isn't necessary.

    Also, is there a multi-purpose word of praise, approval, agreement, appreciation, like "great" in English or "super" in French?

    In advance, dekuji!


    PS Any suggestions as to the easiest way to type the accents?
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    See also this.

    Something in between but rather the Romanic model. At least, addressing with surname without title is impolite. On the other hand, using of titles in informal speech is unusual.

    There's a lot of such words. Since you wrote about French "super" I think Czech "super" (pronounced as French "soupere") is the best choice for you.

    Use Czech keyboard :wink: - see this.
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    Thanks a lot, Wer!

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