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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Ferdík, May 9, 2006.

  1. Ferdík

    Ferdík Member

    Dobrý den,

    I am an of Czech ancestors living in Southern Brazil and would like to meet people from Moravskosleszký kraj or people from all over the world who are also into Silesia in order to create an e-mail/IM group of friends to chat about culture, history, genealogy and anything related to that nice region. :wink:

    Mějte se hezký,

  2. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member

    Hi, Ferda! :D
    Nice region?! Have you ever been here? :? I live in this "nice" Moravskoslezský region and I´m telling you...nothing special :lol:
    Btw. nive to meet you. Hope you´ll find many new friends of the same interest :wink:
  3. Ferdík

    Ferdík Member

    Hi, Rommie

    Thank you for your honest reply :wink:

    Part of my family is originary from Southern Bohemia, but our older generations were from Příbor and that's where my interest in Silesia comes from.

    Yes, I've recently been in the Moravskoslezský region while living in Prague for a short time.

    In Ostrava I've spent only a couple of hours, so I am not able to say much about it. But I've been also in Opava for a few days working on my genealogical researches and as far as I could see it does is a lovely place, even during the winter... :lol: Opava seemed to be very clean, and everybody I met there (without exception) were amazingly kind and polite.

    Now I am looking forward for visiting Příbor and Ostrava -- and if possible other places nearby too (would you have any suggestion?) -- hopefully in a not-so-far future! :wink:

    What town are you from? I would appreciate knowing what exactly you don't like in your area.

    Pozdrav z Ameriky,

  4. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Příbor is'nt far from Silesia but in fact it's Moravian town.
  5. Ferdík

    Ferdík Member

    Hi, wer

    Thank you for the explanation :wink:

    Ok. Příbor was not part of the historical region named "Silesia", which no longer exists as an autonomous administrative region (neither in CR nor in Poland). In the past, the Czech part of Silesia was also known as "Moravian Silesia". In these times, though, it belongs to the administrative "Moravian-Silesian" region (excluding of course the area of Jesenik, which nowadays belongs to the region of Olomouc), right? :? It is damn confusing! :lol:

    Anyway, whatever considering the currently named "Moravskoslezský kraj" altogether, just the specific Czech part of the former Silesia (the "Moravian Silesia") or just its counterpart (where Příbor lies), what interests me the most in that region is its somehow unique character whether compared to different Czech regions, which is due to its interesting occupation and rich multicultural heritage. :wink:
  6. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member

    Hi Ferda!

    Ostrava...haha, enjoy! I study in Ostrava and live about 20 minutes far from this city :)
    I was in Příbor this weekend, we passed the city on our way to Štramberk, which is lovely historical small city in the heart of the mountains and you would probably love it. They´ve got their own special kind of bear and yummy yummy "štramberské uši" :wink:
    Our region has many possibilities..."Šípka" cave in Štramberk, Hukvaldy, Helfštýn (castle), Stodolní!!(our most known street, in Ostrava) :lol:
    You name it! :p

    And what I don´t like...okay, hard to tell. Big unemployment maybe. Criminality. Many small things :(

    Take care!
  7. fabik317

    fabik317 Well-Known Member

    what i like most about that region is their language. the Ostrava way of saying "I love you" (czech: "miluji tě", ostravian:"mam tě rad jako cyp bo si fajna po ksychtě") is simply priceless:)
  8. Rommie

    Rommie Well-Known Member



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