From Portugal - anybody up for a glass of port?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by miguelpires, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. miguelpires

    miguelpires Member

    Hi all
    me and 3 more guys planned a trip to Prague for obvious reasons: Czech Republic and the czech people are seen in Portugal as a really beautiful country and really nice people.

    We arrive at 28 July 2005, and leave 4 August 2005 to meet new people, enjoy the city and what it has to offer. We're thinking of going (in the middle of our stay) one day to Viena also.
    So... anybody up for a glass of port?
  2. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi Miguel,

    My wife Dana and I would be happy to meet with you. Just let us know where and when would be good for you either here or through a PM.

  3. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Hi Jeff
    I'll be back in this wonderful city for my summer course, arriving there 26th July. I'd love to meet you and Dana and anyone else who can make it!
    Anna :D
  4. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Hi all :)

    Please keep me up too!
    Looking forward to seeing you all here in Prague!

  5. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi Anna,

    Good to hear you will be back in Prague soon. It'll be nice to meet you too. If for some reason you can't make this get together, we can always set something else up.
  6. miguelpires

    miguelpires Member

    Hey all!

    So nice of you to respond to this get together. I'll say something soon to you all:p

    See you soon :)
  7. PedroCorga

    PedroCorga New Member

    Hey everyone! Boas Miguel! :p

    I'm Pedro and i am one of Miguel's friends going to Prague on 28th July :eek:)

    I just wanted to say that we (I think I can speak for the 4 of us) are thrilled to be going to Prague and are really looking foward to it!

    Would be cool to meet up in Prague :eek:))

    Alright, talk to ya'll later!! fiquem bem!
  8. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi, this sounds like fun! Any ideas on the place, date and time?

    Ani, I hope you can come, would be great to finally meet you!

  9. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Dano!

    Well as I said, I'll be arriving late 26th July and staying for about a month, so really any time will be good for me :) I do have a HUGE confession to make though, I don't like beer :D My Czech friends always try to convert me and I do try, honestly, but I just don't like the taste :oops: The last time I was there, we had gone to a typical Czech pub called U Petnika in Dejvicka which also serves great food but i think it's very popular with the locals and booking might be imperative. Anyone else been there?

  10. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Haven't been to U Petnika but it sounds good and is close to the Dejvická metro. We can make a reservation when we know the date and the number of people coming. Any date is fine with me and Jeff at the moment, so I guess it's up to you Portuguese and Lorenzo!

    Ani, no problem you don't like beer. Not everyone does. It took me a long time to get to like it and still I only drink certain kinds. Anyway, isn't port mentioned in the subject of this topic? ;) Hmm, I don't think they'll serve port at a typical Czech pub... :?
  11. miguelpires

    miguelpires Member

    Hey all!

    That sounds fun. The idea for the pub sounds good, since my "team" will mostly travel by metro:p
    Maybe 30 of July if that's ok with all of you.. I think it's quite flexible:)

    PS: I missed the point on the port... we're not looking for it in Prague, we're bringing our own, for the enjoyment of our meeting:p
  12. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    I see. Let's hope they let you open it in the pub.
  13. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member


    It sounds good to me too :)
    I would be glad to join you and I will try to be there.
    By the wat, if they don't let us open the bottle inside we'll then do it outside :) Or we could invite the waiter to join us in a glass of Porto and they may decide to start offering it in their bar as well... that could even kick off some imPORT/exPORT trade with the Czech Republic :)

  14. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Ok, let's bring a bottle opener. ;) By the way, the Czech Republic - Portugal imPORT - exPORT is already going on. You can find a limited selection of port here relatively easily.
  15. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Alright then! Let's burst the bottle and make the selection boundless! :)
  16. Ani

    Ani Well-Known Member

    Count me in! Sounds like it will be fun :D
  17. PedroCorga

    PedroCorga New Member

    Hey all!!

    The meeting sounds great... just have tell us first-timers where the place is, so we won't get lost hehe ;o)

    And yeah... we'll be happy to share the Port anytime, anywhere! Should be a lot of fun! :D

    oh and nice touch Lorenzo! ;)

    alright see ya'll later! if anyone wants, u can add me on MSN:
  18. miguelpires

    miguelpires Member

    I think that settles up.
    The date could be 30 July and the place could be U petnika, maybe around 10pm?
    If it's ok, fine:) If not, say it or suggest another date.

  19. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    10 p.m.??? :shock: That's when some places close in this country. :D This pub U Pětníka closes at midnight and their kitchen is open until 10:00 - 10:30 p.m. after which time no food is served. If we all want to have dinner there - and Ani mentioned they serve great food - we could meet at 7 p.m., possibly 8 p.m. How would that work?

    Reservations are strongly recommended, so let's settle on a time and the number of people, so I can call and reserve a table.

    If I'm not wrong, the address of the pub is Lotyšská 8 (can anyone confirm?). From the map it looks like you take the metro (line A) to Dejvická, walk to Vítězné náměstí (the "round square" or circus as they say in England :)), walk up Jugoslávských partyzánů and turn right onto Lotyšská.
  20. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member


    I have been to this hospoda once and it’s right there where you say. It’s just a five minute walk from the Dejvicka metro station.
    I’m pretty flexible with time but if you people would like to have dinner there then it’s definitely better to follow your suggestion.


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