FUN - A Giant artifact from Czech EU presidency in Brussels

Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Yvan, Jan 12, 2009.

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    It's a shame there aren't any better pictures of it so we can see these stereotypes they're talking about, it looks interesting.

    It's not very EU though, I usually think of the EU as sterile and humorless and not very diverse.. while the countries that make it up are quite the opposite!
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    Apologizing for art! What could be more silly?

    "When we received the proposal for a joint project of 27 artists, we created the conditions for its realization," Vondra said Thursday in quotes carried on the presidency Web site. "The project which was then delivered by David Cerny included the names of 26 other artists, each of them being the creator of his or her own country."

    I can imagine the naff and bland socialist-realism shite they wanted was a far cry from what they unveiled.

    Maybe socialist realism is a bit of a harsh condemnation but I really hate all this "look how strong and beautiful we are" art.
    The thing isn't great but it draws attention to general ignorance and it's quite funny and clever looking... as apposed to what.. a little rock garden with the national flower of every member state.
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    Well said, CT.

    I think it's very clever and as David Černý has said, it's got people talking about art and the Czech Republic. No-one's going to forget the Czech presidency in a hurry. :)

    And anyone with half a brain would have realised that the end result of any project that David Černý's was involved with, in whatever capacity, was going to be 'challenging'! :shock:

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