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    my name is jenna, i am 21 years old from berlin and i am looking for a job as a hairdresser for february 2007.
    in january2007 i finished my apprenticeship as hairdresser ( 3 years)
    an will get a verry good certificate of apprenticeship

    maybe someone can help me!


  2. Emanuella

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    hi everybody!

    its a pity, that nobody can help me.
    sadly i have no idea how i can find somebody who can help me.
    anyway i´m still in search of a job as hairdresser.

    mayby somebody in prague is regular going to his own hairdresser
    and can ask him, if he need someone like me.
    im glade, if you can help me.

    my mother tongue is german and at the moment i try to learn english.

    so i can work in touristic center.

    i´m very pleased if someone can help me


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    Hi Jenna,

    czech word for hairdresser is kadeřnice (kadernice with small "v" above "r") - female or kadeřník - male; pánský kadeřník (holič) - for males , dámský kadeřník - for females.

    I recommend you to look for job at specialized www: or - largest job sites in CZ - web for hairdressers - advertising

    I typed word "kadeřnice" in search field on and I got ten or so results..

    You can also try to email some hairdressing parlors. They might be interested in employing german/english speaking hairdresser. In this case I recommend you to write mail subject in Czech language - just to avoid to be considered spammer. For example: "německá kadeřnice" stays for "German hairdresser".

  4. MK

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  5. Emanuella

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    thank u for your suggestion!!
    i will try this!


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