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Discussion in 'Culture' started by iluvuma1, Aug 25, 2004.

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    I have been dating a Czech man for a couple months, and I find this forum EXTREMELY helpful. He has been in the states for three years, but I am the first American he has dated. I am looking for a traditional recipe for a birthday cake to make... He has mentioned everything here is too sweet, so maybe a Czech recipe would be good....
    Secondly, would taking him out to a nice dinner be ok, or would he be more comfortable with me making him dinner at home? (Keep in mind I am not exactly a chef and I would prefer going out...) I mentioned treating him out but he said he felt uncomfortable with any fuss. I just want him to feel at home here, because have become a lot closer recently... What would make a good impression???
    What is a traditional/usual way a girlfriend treats her boyfriend's birthday in the Czech Republic? Should I just ask him what he wants to do rather than make plans or "surprises" myself?
    What is an appropriate present to give? Clothing? Cologne? Bedding? Help with any suggestions!

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