Hi there, this is Abhishek. I am looking for a high end PC.

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by mavrike, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. mavrike

    mavrike Member

    Looking for a PC with flat screen monitor. Atleast dual core 1.60 GHz with 1 GB or more memory & hard disk of 200 GB atleast.

    Please inform if you have any idea of other websites as well, which sell such goods.

  2. mepp

    mepp New Member

    Hi Mavrike

    Best online shop for PC :

  3. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    In Brno: http://www.cybex.cz

    In Ostrava: http://www.alfacomp.cz

    Btw. "Alfa" is the only one computer shop I know in Ostrava you can really rely on if you want to buy something on spot. The others just "order" it for you and you can pick it up in next days. But in Alfa the have real goods on stock all the time.
  4. mavrike

    mavrike Member

    thanks very much, i am now going through the sites, seems to really helpful. Also I will try to visit Brno shops. :D
  5. marcus106

    marcus106 Member

    In Mumbai and Chennai, you can find cheap PC's, children steal to order
  6. GlennInFlorida

    GlennInFlorida Well-Known Member

    not nice :evil:

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