How do the Czechs get engaged?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Prahalover, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Prahalover

    Prahalover New Member

    I was wondering how the Czech culture views engagement and what traditions they hold?

    Also, is an engagement ring presented to the bride-to-be on a bended knee? Does the ring have to be a diamond?

    Does the man ask permission from the father of the woman?

    Does the man usually propose in a public place?
  2. Zik

    Zik Well-Known Member

    Engamement is not a Czech tradition. I have never heard about some engaged Czech couple. There is just marriage, it's the first and the last step... :wink:

    If Czech woman want to marry, of course her future husband doesn't have the ask her father. We are not an Islamic country! Czechs are the most atheistic nation all over the world, so they are quite liberal.
  3. Dannae

    Dannae Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree with Zik a bit.

    Yes, engagement is not a Czech tradition but it can happen. And asking a father of the bride-to-be is considered proper - not a necessity but father should be asked for "permission".

    As for the ring: sorry, no diamonds. It is not usual to present a ring for engagement but when it happens, there are no strict rules for it. The wedding rings are usually identical for bride and groom (only differ in sizes, of course).

    P.S. Before I got married in CR (to my US husband), I needed to have my ring resized. It was a hell of a deal to find a place who finally agreed to do so because I have 2-in-1 engagement&wedding ring with diamonds on the top of both of them and everybody was afraid to work on it :lol:.
  4. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    The Roman Catholics have the so-called ohlášky - marriage banns "proclaimed openly in an audible voice during divine service".

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