Hranice to Auschwitz to Prague???

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  1. hougreg1965

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    A few questions:

    1) Why can I not find a way to get from the Hranice na Morave train station (or the Hranice area in general) to Oswiecim, Poland (Auschwitz) on a Sunday afternoon or evening? Specifically 5.11.2006. Bus or train, whichever may get me there, even overnight is fine and even preferred.

    2) Also, IF I arrive back at the Prague main train station (Praha hl.n.) at 7 a.m. on 7.11.2006, is it remotely possible to make an 8:45 a.m. flight at the airport? What's my quickest, affordable and safe way to get from the main station to Ruzyne Airport at that time of the morning?

    I am really trying to work Auschwitz into my travel plans, but it seems to be a sticking point that I may have to scrap until next year.

    3) If I am traveling by train from Prague to: Olomouc, then to Hranice/Belotin/Polom, then to Oswiecim, Poland and then return to Prague, is my best option buying the PrePaid Card (k.b.) for about $60 US. All of these trips should be well under the card's 2,000 KM allowance, and will I be able to ride all the trains listed in the IDOS schedule with that PrePaid Card? Even into Poland and back? Can I simply arrive at the Prague train station and buy the card, or will there be previous sell-outs this time of year?


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  2. Halef

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    Hranice na Moravě dep. 14:48 EC 107 PRAHA
    Zebrzydowice arr. 16:05 dep. 16:10 v 1020
    Czechowice Dziedzice arr. 16:41 dep. 16:53 v 43324
    Oswiecim arr. 17:26

    Hranice na Moravě dep. 1:02 R 201 SILESIA
    Oswiecim arr. 4:19

    Using public transport, you can get to airport in about 45 minutes (metro C to Muzeum, metro A to Dejvická, bus 119 to Letiště Ruzyně).

    The conditions for Kilometrická banka say "usable in all České dráhy trains". So, imho, you could use it for the direct train above (R 201) but not for the Polish local trains in the other connection.
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    I agree completely with Halef on all the points.

    You can look up actual connections from the Prague main station to the airport at - from "hlavni nadrazi" to "letiste ruzyne". Travel time 39 - 53 min., connections every few minutes. If you can't take public transport (e.g. if you have a lot of luggage), call AAA Taxi at 14014. You should pay about 500 CZK for the transfer.

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