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    tak jak se mas? Se mnou to jde nekdy nahoru, nekdy dolu.
    Ja jsem tady nedavno poradala takovou malou party jenom o nekolika lidech. Sonje -moji Gastmuter jsem o mem planu rekla a ona souhlasila. Bylo to v den, kdy jsem mela babysittin, a tak jsem si to naplanovala, ze az budou deti v posteli a spat, sejde se u mne par lidi a pak budeme spolecne varit a bavit se. Ale nejmensi Wilm mel teplotu, a tak doma zustali jeste dedecek s babickou, aby mi pomohli, cimz mi ale prekazili moje plany, protoze nas pak porad kontrolovali co delame. Proste jsme meli neustaly dozor zadnou svobodu.
    A dalsi den jsem jeste z toho mela s rodinou problemy, ze to trvalo dlouho do noci a bla bla bla..... Vadi mi, ze Sonja nejprve s mym planem souhlasila a pak byla najednou proti.

    Jinak, dostala jsem Tvuj pohled. Diky, je to mile. Docela bych si prala, trosku se tam u Vas na Floride ohrad, protoze tady je uz fakt zima. A na tom obrazku to vypadalo proste skvele.
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    Dear poster (you left no name) here is a translation, although i am not a native speaker.

    So how are you? I'm sometimes on the up and up and sometimes on a downward slide. Recently, I organised a little party, just with a couple of friends. I told my "Gastmuter (German?)" about and she agreed. It was on one of my babysitting days and so i planned so that once the children were asleep, a few of my friends would come round and we would cooking something and have a chat. But the youngest child Wilm had a temperature and so the grandad and grandmother stayed at home to help me, thus spoiling my plan since they kept their eyes on us the whole time, watching what we were doing. We were simply spied on the whole time, no freedom.
    Then, the next day i had problems with the family, the party went on till late at night bla bla bla. It annoys me that Sonja agreed with my plan at first and then all of a sudden she was against it.

    Anyway, i got your postcard. Thanks it is lovely. I would quite like to come to Florida and get a heat because it really is cold here. And on the picture it looked great.

    If anyone has any corrections, then feel free but i have tried to give the jist.

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    Thank you hugo for the translation. I'm very glad I found this website where there are people cool enough to take the time to translate these letters for me. Someday I will know Czech enough so that I can understand them myself. Thanx again

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