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    Hello all, didn't know where to post this query but I hope someone can help!
    My girlfriend, who is Czech and who speaks little English, has taken a shine to my iPod (sorry, that sounds rather rude!!). Anyway, I would like to but her one for Christmas. I've had a look on the web and they are available in the CR but much more expensive than in London.

    What I'm wondering is, will there be any problems with compatibility if I buy one here and take it over to Prague with me? I can't imagine that iPods are produced specifically for the Czech market but is the software easy to understand for Czech speakers?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks! Dekuji moc!

  2. KJP

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    as I mentioned in the cost of things here discussion, yes, all computer, electronic, etc devices are much more expensive here. There is no compatibility issues in this case, maybe the plug...
  3. To Tall

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    Yo mike just buy one where you come from.

    go to the Ipod website download the lates firmware version of the Ipod in czech and you have an czech IPOD..

    Also there are no conectio problems. all normal based computers all over the world are the same. USB is USB, PS2 is PS2 bios is bios exc exc. ore just call your Apple store in london.

    Cheers m8

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