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  1. austy216

    austy216 Member

    hi i from ireland and i going to czech of my 2nd time like to meet some new friends my friend here is from czech and they cool
  2. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Hi Damian!

    Is English your second language?
  3. austy216

    austy216 Member

    I wish it was but the english wouldnt let us talk it here i from ballymena 24 mile north of Belfast
  4. Wicker808

    Wicker808 Well-Known Member

    I'm confused.
  5. susie67

    susie67 Member

    ... as am I ...
  6. austy216

    austy216 Member

    why you confused it like these england rules northern ireland that were i from england wouldnt let us speck our own language
  7. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    Hi Austy 216!!

    I think it would help us if you could include commas and full stops when you type out your sentences:-

    Why you confused?

    It like these England rules.

    Northern Ireland that were I from, England wouldn't let us speak our own language.
    Why are you confused?

    It is because the English rule Northern Ireland, where I am from, as they do not let us speak our own language.

    Which language were you taught to speak apart from English?
  8. austy216

    austy216 Member

    ok i dont care about the english in england. the the fact that england dont want us but for our money. ireland of the irish Tiocfaidh ár lá
  9. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    If a government's policies in a country are wrong; it is those policies that are wrong, and not the citizens who live in that country. I feel that you should not condemn the English people as a whole, most of whom were not responsible for the English take over of Northern Ireland.

    I also agree with you, and think that the Irish should be left to rule their own country with their own money.
  10. austy216

    austy216 Member

    look i not getting to this fight. but when england toke or country they toke thewhole country but in 1921 we got 26 countys back
  11. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    I cannot comment on individual dates regarding Ireland's history, as I do not know them, but as I said before I hope the Irish get their country back.

    My father is Czech, but my mother's family came from County Mayo in Ireland.

    I have just been reading about Grace O'Malley, who was an Irish pirate with her own fleet of ships, and who also fought the English back in 1579. The English at that time had strong footholds in Dublin, Galway, Wexford and a few other ports, but, apart from that, the rest of Ireland was pretty much still under Irish control. I think at that time the Irish and the British were competing for Spanish trade.

    The Irish at that time also had their own laws, their own chiefs, their own family systems, which were clan systems.

    Grace O'Malley also received a royal pardon from Queen Elizabeth at that time. Grace O'Malley got that pardon not by groveling but by treating Queen Elizabeth as her equal, as it is said that she would not even curtsey each time she met the Queen.

    Also between 1846 and 1850 Ireland had that disastrous potato famine, which drastically affected the financial economy of Ireland at that time, when many people left Ireland.

    But, as I have already mentioned, I do not know any other noteable dates in Irish history.
  12. austy216

    austy216 Member

    ok our country was toke in 1690 by king william the funny thing is that he was fight king james both are king of england. so we can get along we in a czech message boards so back to czech. i like the czech people but what the bars like to touries
  13. babicka

    babicka Well-Known Member

    Could someone let Damian know what kind of reception foreign tourists receive when they visit pubs in the Czech Republic, and also on that same note, could anyone recommend any good pubs that particularly welcome foreign tourists, say for example in Prague?
  14. austy216

    austy216 Member

    i need pubs in ostrava

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