Job in Praha for a Ukrainian citizen

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Valja, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Valja

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a chance for a well-educated English-speaking Ukrainian woman to find a job in Praha?

    I have a diploma in ACCA, 3 years of audit experience in one of the Big 4 audit firms, a considerable experience as Marketing Finance Manager in an international tobacco company and now work as an Internal Auditor in a Ukrainian group of companies.

    I started to learn Czech just recently, but it is quite difficult to gain a decent working level of knowledge if you are not in Czech-speaking surrounding.

    On the one hand, in order to learn the language you have to live in the country where it is spoken. On the other hand, the only way for me to move to Praha is to find a job there, which seems to be impossible without the knowledge of Czech. Looks like vicious circle... Besides, I've heard that Ukrainians are not very welcome in Czech Republic, which is even more frustrating...

    If you know about someone who managed to overcome a similar situation or can give me some friendly advice, I will greatly appreciate it.

  2. sunofabeach

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    Perhaps you should try the AIESEC exchanges that especialize in this kind of practices in many countries, you can contact a local comitee in Ukrainia by searching in the web.

    hodne stesti!
  3. Valja

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    Thank you for the reply.
    I'll try to contact AIESEC, but I'm afraid they have age restrictions - as far as I know, candidates should be under 28 years old. And I am not a student...
  4. boris

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    Hi Valya,

    I think there is a lot of ppl from Ukraine in Czech R and they better know how to get there. Most of the (Ukraines) and Russians are dealing in helping to immigrate other comrades. There is alot of ads in local Russian and Ukraine newspapers.

    Brgds Boris
  5. KJP

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    Hi Valya,

    I have a girlfriend that is Ukrainian and she can probably help you. There is a large Ukrainian population here, second only to the Slovakians but the majority work is off the books and as I am sure you have heard it can be abusive for them. Fear not, with the proper contacts and credentials it is do here if you'd like to further the conversation

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