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  1. Well, we returned home from our 5 days in Prague and now we try to catch up on the lost sleep. But, I wanted to post to let everyone know what a wonderful time we had.

    In short (and it's hard to make it short), we found the people friendly and approachable nearly everywhere we went. I would highly recommend the Hotel Palace Praha to anyone looking for an upscale place to stay. We were treated like royalty in every way.

    We enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Vlatava (booked through this website) although we thought the boat would have travelled further up and down the river instead of in circles for a short distance. We took a side trip to Kutna Hora and the Sedlec Bone Church (also booked through this website) that was well worth the money and time. We visited many of the squares and bought some great souveniers. We visited Prague Castle ... twice ... and were fascinated by it. I highly recommend going to the Castle late in the day on a Friday when everyone is on the way out. It makes it much easier to move around in the Cathedral, etc. and see what you want to see.

    We walked, took the Metro and the Trams when needed and felt safe no matter when we were on them. Although we were careful because of warnings about pickpockets, we never personally encountered any problems. I did see a man I am certain was swindling a group in the "Can you make change for me" scenario on the Metro platform, but I wasn't comfortable intervening.

    The only major language "oops" we encountered was a misunderstanding of the menu at a place called Kogo. It was a nice place and the food was good, but we ordered steak and thought the printed price was per person or per meal. It turned out to be per gram and we each had 5 gram steaks ... so the dinner was 10 times more than we thought it would be. Live and learn! The food was great and we were able to eat at many places while we were there.

    So, thank you to everyone on the site who offered us information and help before we went, and thanks to the people of Prague for a great vacation!

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