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  1. Kacerovsky

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    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.

    So do I typically look Czech? I'm not sure what typically Czech looking means just curious if there is anything like little balls on your toes to noses what makes you look Czech.
  2. eso

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    I beleive that sometime in past here was discussion about this topic and conclusion was, that there isn't typical Czech look. Majority of Czechs is white (Caucasian), but there si nothing like typical Czech height, color of hair/eyes or face shape.

    Area, when Czech republic is situated went through many migrations waves and mingling with adjacent nations in past.

    Based on your face, you could be Czech (or Slovak or Pole or German)

    Here are 2 photos with many Czech people, which I took at Czech music festival. Maybe you will find some pattern ;)

  3. eso

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    But of course, you can easily distinguish Americans or Britishs from Czechs - by clothes, presence and other atributes.
  4. Kacerovsky

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    I think Americans and Czechs dress pretty similar actually...
  5. Kacerovsky

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    Ok so, my great grandfather's name was Adolf Kacerovsky and he was born in the Czech Republic. How do I find my relatives if there are any???
  6. Kacerovsky

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    Wow.. So posting in here a little late... Adolph Kacerovsky born Apr 28 1902 married Anna Marie Severa she was born Aug 26 1905 in Czechoslovakia.

    From the historical records, they married in bohemia, somewhere near Techonice or Plzen.

    Additionally, they were Catholic, I don't know if this matters.. But I wanted to know if there are any records or who I'd need to contact in Czech to find out more.
  7. Kacerovsky

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    Adolph's father was named Edwardi Kacerovsky and his mother Bozena. On the marriage certificate it stated that the place in bohemia they were from, was occupied by Hungarians.

    My great grandparents, hated Hungarians.
  8. bibax

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    First your great grandparents were born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (not in Czechoslovakia 1918-1992) but it is not important at all.

    There are certainly records about their birth and marriage especially if they were Catholics. However you have to realize that not all records are digitalized thus you cannot issue a simple SEARCH command on a computer. You will have to search many thick folios physically so you would have to know their birthplaces or the place of their marriage exactly otherwise searching will be endless or unsuccessful.

    Těchonice is near Klatovy and Horažďovice and rather far from Plzeň.

    There are two surnames with similar spelling: Kacerovský and Kačerovský.
  9. Kacerovsky

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    I recently found out that 2 major surnames in my family are Severa and Tyrpeklova.

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