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    I have stumbled upon one of his records on ebay. Who was he, besides a musician? What kind of music did he play? The record I found was big-band. Did he record other genres? Is he still alive? Does he still play music?

    Dekuji :)
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    Karel Vlach (October 8, 1911 – February 26, 1986) was a Czech dance orchestra leader and arranger.

    He recorded prolifically with Supraphon company and his output includes both light classical and orchestral as well as jazz and pop arrangements for big band with strings.

    He also arranged and conducted many Czech film scores from 1940 to 1980.

    He launched the singing careers of Czech artists Yvetta Simonova (whom he married) and Milan Chladil in 1958.

    He and his musical colleagues Dalibor Brazda and Gustav Brom also arranged and recorded many titles for British singer Gery Scott in the late 1950's, mostly from what is now termed the American Songbook series. Many of these titles are now collectors items.

    Karel Vlach Czech filmography (in Czech)
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    Dekuji eso,

    I know have another reason to learn Czech. Have any of his records been turned to CD? Are any of the movies he did scores for still ava on DVD or "old fashioned" VHS?
    I noticed that Czech chronology of famous persons is opposite of American chronology of famous people. American chronology would be like:
    While Czech is
    Or is that just the way that website formatted it? Is there any English language website about him. I am interested in him, though I have not heard his music. I saw that he did a tribute to Glenn Miller the American band leader and I like Glenn Miller.
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    CDs: http://www.dvdr.cz/seznam_audio.php?find[interpret]=vlach

    It's only on website - probably copied from www.imdb.com

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