Kurimska Nova Ves - Maria Prochaska born Feb 1845

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    Maria Prochaska/Prochazka was born in Nova Ves a Kurim (Neudorf or Kurimska Nova Ves) on 25 Feb 1845. She would have been my great grandfather's younger sister. We do not have any records about her -- if she lived, who she married, etc. Her baptismal record does not indicate that she died young. It appears that my great grandfather's brother did not live past childhood, because a + was added beneath his name in the record.

    We would be interested in meeting any living descendanta of Maria. We would probably be 3rd cousins.

    Thank you
    Mary Sramek Levesque in Omaha, NE
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    We now know more about Maria Prochazka. Thanks to actapublica.cz, I was able to see that her marriage record was on the next page after my great grandfather's. She married Josef Ruda, son of Tomas Ruda, in 1867. I found two birth records, but the children did not live. After that, someone else is living at that address, so I don't know if Josef and Maria moved to another village or came to the US, or simply passed away without descendants.

    Married 22 August 1867, parish book 1118, page 339/ image 162
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    I do not want to undermine your endeavor, however I do think very few of current population know/care about their 19th century ancestors.

    I myself only know names and grave locations of my grand-grand-parents who was born around 1900.

    Try to contact some local municipality asking if there are any Prochazka living in their area. You might be lucky. However as you probably already know, it is very common surname here and even in neighbouring Austria due to close relationships during Austro-Hungarian empire era (also spelled Prochaska or Prohaska).
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    Thank you for your reply. We visited the village of Nova Ves (pardon my lack of proper diacritical marks) in May of 2010. This family was quite small, just Ignac and Marie in that generation. So no male Prochazkas in our line stayed in Moravia, only Marie stayed and married a Ruda. It would be a Ruda family I am looking for. Even so, several Ruda families also came to the US in the late 1880s, to the same location where my Prochazkas located. My father started working on the genealogy in 1960, and he never mentioned Marie, who would have been his great aunt. I am fairly certain that he would have known if Marie was here in the US.

    Seven of my eight great grandparents (or as you say, grand grandparents) who were born in the 1840s are buried here in the US. My husband even has a great great grandmother buried here in the "Loucky" cemetery. Yes, I think it is an American characteristic to search for one's roots, and it has been a great experience for us.

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