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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Wolfboi, Feb 26, 2006.

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    No, until police prove your identity but no more than for 24 hours.

    That's nonsense. In case of doubt, burden of proof is on policeman's side. He commits a punishable offence (zneužití pravomoci veřejného činitele ~ abuse of public authority) by turning you in without legal reason. And policeman has minimal chance to prevaricate because he must state you CONCRETE reason before turning you in ("you're similar to somebody wanted" is insufficient, "you're similar to Mr XYZ who is wanted on the basis of this concrete arrest warrant" is sufficient).
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    24 or 48, the point is moot.

    The question is: would he be wise for him to sign an affidavid saying he has no criminal history, when he does, and, is it a prudent decision to try to come here based on that info.

    Bottom line: no legal status, no czech, therefore illegal work, at best...

    Todays news: Paroubek wants USA, Canadians and Autralians to have avisa BEFORE they even enter the country. So no more 90 days w/o a visa.

    He added the two other countries this morning...

    My belief: 85% of Americans vacation to places that dont require a visa, it will only hurt your tourism industry.

    Czech say: if you can come here w/o one, we want to enter your country w/o one.

    There is a difference: a few hundred, at best, Americans desire to live and work in the CR. A few thousand, possibly hundreds of thousands of Czechs would want to live and work in the USA, thats is why there is a visa protocol, the two economies are drastically different, regardless of EU status (Not that many germanys want to work there, their economy is similar.

    With up to 200k Czechs already in the states, it has been estimated that as many as 60k are working illegally. In the CR, may be 500 Americans work here, some illegally, but the ratio is disproportional...

    USA needs no visa to the Ukraine now, so MANY will bypass the CR for easy to travel to places, there are, after all, thousands of sandy beaches, etc.

    It wont affect me, but I think it will hurt your tourism badly...

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