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    I am looking for ancestors that used to live at 158 Horni Cermna and 170 Horni Cermna. I do not know who lives there now. How would I find birth, marriage, or death records for this village?

    Thank you!
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    The current registers are kept by the local administrative, the historical ones by the local State Archives department, parallel records could be kept by local churches (the historical church records are in State Archives as well).

    Čermná used to be one single ethnically Czech market town. In 1935 it split into two independent municipalities Horní (Upper) Čermná and Dolní (Lower) Čermná. Horní Čermná was inhabited predominantly by evangelical Protestants and there is still strong Evangelical Church, Dolní Čermná was predominantly Catholic.

    Motl is frequent surname in both Horní and Dolní Čermná, hence you should contact both the administratives. E-mail to the municipality of Horní Čermná is and is the primary e-mail of the local administrative in Dolní Čermná. For Dolní Čermná you can e-mail directly the registry office (

    You can try also the Evangelical Church in Horní Čermná (the first e-mail in the link is a generic one, the second one is of curator, the third one of the pastor). Some Motls are still active in that Church.

    A lot of people from this region emigrated into USA (Texas, Wisconsin…) and the topic was extensively elaborated by local historian and genealogist František Šilar (1914-2001). Some of his works were translated a should be avaible in the archives of Czech Heritage Society of Texas. See also this bibliography.

    Eastern Bohemia, not Northern at all.

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