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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by faisalsb, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. faisalsb

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    I got job offer from IBM, Brno and they have offered me 900 Euros, I think there are a lot of people from IBM on the board so I'll ask their advice should I accept the offer or what? I'll be working as Windows Administrator and providing second and third level support.

    I'll appreciate if the people from IBM can send me personal message and drop their chating ids so I can be intouch with them and have a better idea about IBM and Brno before making the decision.
  2. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    It depends where you come from and what salary you are leaving. 900 euros net will become what...650 euros gross? Will you work in night shifts?
  3. faisalsb

    faisalsb Member

    Well 900 Euro is the gross salary and net will be 675 Euros. Yes I'll be working in night shifts too. Well right now I am working in Pakistan but most time of my career I have worked in UAE (Dubai & Sharjah) and compare to my salary while I was working in UAE the offered salary by IBM is very less. But I have been informed that it's very cheap living over there and compare to the Czech market it's good salary
  4. durk

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    it's not that good in It, and life here is pretty expensive, especially housing. Some of my colleagues from abroad are disapointed and consider leaving asap.
  5. funkyhunk

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    i hope you have joined IBM, Brno. :?:

    so howz life and work environment in brno and IBM?

    Are you getting trainings?

    Please let me know i m also planning to come to Brno.


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