My True Love was deported, need crash course in czech to him

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    For those who don't believe in love at first sight, it does exist. We found it, for those of you who do believe we need help. He is getting deported as we speak and I don't know how to read his license to find his house. I'd like to send some clothes home for his arrival and reassure him I'm still waiting for him. This is the second time he has been deported and I don't know what the laws in the USA are for that. If we were to marry could he return, if not could I move to Czech to be with him there? I'm feeling overwhelmed and lost, is there anyone who might have some insight?
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    really not enough info to go on. I assume you are American and he Czech? If so, he had a visa to get into the states, good for one year or ten? If deported, that means he overstayed his visa and will not be allowed re-entry for a given period of time (usually three years), or, he did something illegal...?

    You, as an American can come here for 90 days with no visa, no more than that. If you want to stay, you need to come up with a plan as to why (you cant just say I am staying, it must be for work, study, etc.). You could always go to the border every 90 days to get a stamp, but they are not so nice about this anymore either.

    Marry him here, then wait for the paper work...if he was deported, I doubt he would be eligible for a finacee visa to the states (u have 90 days to marry in the states, one extension is possible)

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