Nádrazí Ruzyne/ Praha-Ruzyne night bus

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  1. JK

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    I am trying to figure out the bus schedule. I need to take the night bus to the airport, and I am getting two options form Idos: Nádrazí Ruzyne & Praha-Ruzyne. Are these the same? If not, which stop is at the airport?

    I think I want bus 218, but I would like to be sure.

    Thanks for clarification.
  2. Yvan

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    The night bus from/to the airport (Letiště Ruzyně, Terminál Sever 1, Terminál Sever 1) in No. 510.

    During the day you can take :
    BUS 119 from metro "A" Dejvicka (the last one is at about 0.28, first at 4.58).
    More info at :
  3. Zeisig

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  4. JK

    JK New Member

    This is what I find on that search. Are all international departures from terminal 1?

    Dejvická 23:08 Bus: bus 119
    Letište Ruzyne 23:28

    20 min., 12 km, runs daily

    Thank you so much for the help.
  5. Yvan

    Yvan Well-Known Member

    The international departures are from both Terminals 1 and 2.

    I think that the difference is :

    Terminal 1 - non Schengen treaty countries e.g. all non EU countries, but also countries like UK.

    Terminal 2 - Schengen treaty countries like France, Germany.

    But it's better to look at the airport info at :

  6. EUnovice

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    Hi, sorry to hijack the thread but I have a related question. I'll be arriving on May 18, 2320hr (11:20pm) at Letište Ruzyne. I will have to reach Staroměstská.

    Will there be any bus/train service at such a late time? If there is, what do I do to get to Staroměstská?

    If there isn't, what other transport choice would you suggest?

    I'm worried I'll be stuck at the airport for the night.... :roll:
  7. Zeisig

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  8. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Consider that it will take some time to get out of arrivals. Of course, it depends if you have carry on or luggage to wait for. Would Change be open? Where will you get ticket for public transportation. Perhaps someone can see if there is ticket machine at the arrivals?

    For timing try this:
    19.5. Letište Ruzyne Leaving 0:08 Bus 119
    Dejvická arriving 0:26 leaving 0:32 Tram 51
    Strossmayerovo námestí arriving 0:41 leaving 0:44 Tram 53
    Staromestská 0:49

    41 min., 16 km, 20,- Kc
    runs not from 23 IV. on Su,18 XI.
    Map | |


    19.5. Letište Ruzyne 1:02 Bus 510
    Divoká Šárka 1:13 1:21 Tram 51
    Strossmayerovo námestí 1:41 1:44 Tram 53
    Staromestská 1:49

    47 min., 16 km, 20,- Kc
    runs not from 23 IV. on Su,18 XI.

    19.5. Letište Ruzyne 0:08 Bus119
    Dejvická 0:26 0:32 Tram 51
    Strossmayerovo námestí 0:41 0:44 Tram 53
    Staromestská 0:49

    41 min., 16 km, 20,- Kc
    runs not from 23 IV. on Su,18 XI.
    Map | |


    19.5. Letište Ruzyne 2:02 Bus 510
    Divoká Šárka 2:13 2:21 Tram 51
    Strossmayerovo námestí 2:41 2:44 Tram 53
    Staromestská 2:49

    47 min., 16 km, 20,- Kc
    runs not from 23 IV. on Su,18 XI.

    This is the cheapest way. If you have to take taxi don't take ones before airport, but phone AAA. They speak English and will tell you approx. how much to your address. You can also check ahead on their website.
  9. EUnovice

    EUnovice New Member

    Hi folks. So thankful to have you all around. At least I now know I won't be stranded in the airport!

    But yes, changing local currency might be a problem. but i'll check the airport site to see if there are any ATMs. Hopeful, they are not like those in Japan, which closes after a certain hour!

    Thanks again!
  10. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    You can buy tickets from the bus driver (with additional charge).

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