Need a Czech tutor in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Polemic, Jan 19, 2002.

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    I'd like to learn Czech in order to be better able to communicate with a friend who speaks both Czech and English, and because I intend to visit there with her eventually and don't want to be entirely ignorant of what's going on around me! Is there someone in New Zealand (ideally in the Wellington region, but I'd consider anywhere) who'd be willing to tutor me? Or do other users of this board know of a friend or relative living locally who might? All help and advice much appreciated.
  2. MikeStribrny

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    Hey bro, i'm living up in Auckland and i'm in a similar situation.
    I'm learning Czech off my dad, which isn't much good to you. However, my grandfather used to give Czech lessons and he was part of the Czech Society.

    Now, i've done some looking around and found information regarding your local Czech Club: ... CZECH,C188
    Contact J.Babor (, ph 021376023) and he'll be bound to find someone there who would teach you. Most of the members are middle-aged to old and retired so they have the time and the motivation to teach you.

    Let me know how you're studying goes because i'm also learning, maybe we can practice on each other via email?

    - Mike

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