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  1. kitty46

    kitty46 Well-Known Member

    Hello again
    In April I will be staying at Dana Residence in Praha 10. I have pretty much got the tram and metro figured out. Does anyone have information on the area surrounding the Skalka Metro stop? Restaurants, and ATM's and maybe Bazaars. Can you tell how many blocks it would be from Skalka to Dana and Dana to tram 22? Any information would be appreciated. Also, is there anything in particular that would be interesting to see in that area? Thank you
  2. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    look at the map, the distance to metro Skalka is about 400 m
  3. amraam_7

    amraam_7 Well-Known Member

    that's like 1/4 mile :wink:

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