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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mogsy, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Mogsy

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    I'm Tony, (nickname Mogsy).

    I met my Czech partner in England just over a year ago and when she wanted to return to live in the Czech Republic I didn't hesitate to going with her.

    So I've been here (nr Brno) for 3 weeks and I'm happy so far.

    I don't know Czech apart from a few basic words but I'm learning it every day.

    I'm struggling with finding work here. My background has been computer / furniture retail sales/management. I've contacted many agencies here but have had no luck at all. I'm sure it's because of my lack of Czech but I'm sure there are jobs here that I could do efficiently. If anyone can guide me then please let me know.

    It's early days and I'm sure I'll become acclimatised to the Czech way.

  2. jpkrohling

    jpkrohling Member

    Hello Tony,

    There are quite a few sites you can use to find job positions. I personally recommend , as it's how I got mine. I'm sure the lack of Czech language knowledge won't be a problem. Be positive :)
  3. Mogsy

    Mogsy Member

    Hi jpkrohling,

    I am registered on I like that website and using the jobsagent is quite useful.

    I've applied for a few jobs via that site and most of them are being advertised from Grafton who recently said to me

    "The job market situation changes dynamically, as do our job offers. Please monitor our website and if you are interested in a new vacancy that corresponds with your expectations, feel free to contact us."

    So everytime I apply for a job that I'm interested in I hear nothing lol.

    Oh well, like you say, I am remaining positive.

  4. jpkrohling

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    You are here for only 3 weeks, so, don't worry. Leave your resume there and enjoy your free time to study (give a polish in the skills you want to use professionally or study a bit of Czech).

    I would also say that the job market right now is not very good (keep in mind that almost 10% are unemployed in Czech Republic), but that doesn't means you can't find a job. You said your background includes computer (quite vast industry), so, you may want to take a look at IBM jobs (Mannpower being their recruiting agency). But be advised that I *really* don't recommend them (even though I know some people who work there and are happy). Search in this forum for details :)
  5. meluzina

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    the ministry of labour and social affairs operates a website (ARES) for jobseekers... can'tvouch for how good it is or the information it provides, but might be worth taking a look?
  6. The Animal

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    Ahoj a vítám vás
    also hodně štěstí finding a job.

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