Permanent residence visa for spouse of Czech Citizen

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by semicek, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I am married to a Czech citizen and we live here in the United States. A freind who is also married to a Czech lady said that he took his passport and marriage license and his U.S. Passport to the Foreign Police while in Czech and was given a stamp in his passport as a permanent resident and he was also able to get the green ID card issued to Czechs.

    Has anyone done this? Is this accurate info? My wife's home is in the Jicin "district". Do we go there? Is there a Foreign Police station in all of the big cities?

    Thanks for any help. Semicek
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    Hi My husband is a citizen of Czech and I just got my permanent residence there. I went through the czech embassy. I sent them my passport and everything and they sent it back.t Then I had to go to the citizen police in my husbands home town.

    That is the way I did it. if you don't have a lot of time I would just call the embassy nearest you and ask them what to do. Hope I have been helpful. :lol:
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    What Tamara said is a good way to go. If you want to obtain permanent residency in the Czech Republic, you can apply for it at the Czech embassy or consulate that serves your area. They'll send you some forms to fill out and you send them back along with some photos, your passport and about 20 USD. The embassy will make sure everything is in order and send your case to the Czech foreign police in the Jičín district. When your case is approved (this may take several weeks up to several months), the embassy will let you know and you'll have six months to go to the Czech Republic and pick up your permanent residency card.

    You won't officially be entering the Czech Republic as a tourist, but you'll have a special stamp in your passport that will allow you to enter the country "for the purpose of picking up your permanent residency card". You'll have to pick it up at the foreign police that handled your case within three days of your arrival in the Czech Republic. The permit (aka green card) is valid for 10 years and allows you to live and work in the Czech Republic.

    There is a foreign police office in every decent size town including Jičín. You should be happy that "your" foreign police is not in Prague but in a small town where dealing with them should be quick and a piece of cake.

    Oddělení cizinecké policie Jičín
    Balbínova 27
    506 12 Jičín
    tel. 974 533 800, 974 533 939

    In case you are interested in obtaining Czech residency but continuing to live in the U.S., I don't think that will work quite well, at least assuming that the rules are similar to the U.S. where a green card holder is not able to leave the U.S. for an extended period of time without receiving a special permit each year.

    Hope this helps!


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