Pet shop boys lyrics part II

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    I have completed part two of my translation, which is obviously wrong, so again any help appreciated.

    And look at the two of us,
    A hledět na nás dva.

    In sympathy with everything we see.
    Do součit s vše my vidět.

    I never want anything, it's easy.
    Já nikdy potřeba cokoli, to je pochybný.

    You buy whatever I need.
    Kupuješ jaký potřebuji

    But look at my hopes, look at my dreams.
    Ale hledět na múj naděje, hledět na múj sen.

    The currency we've spent.
    Devizový my trávit.

    I love you, oh, you pay my rent.
    Miluji ty. Plateš múj rozštípnul

    The line "in sympathy with everything we see" I think means we have the same opinion about everything. However, as this is quite an obscure sentence in English I think the obscurity should remain in translation and the word sympathy still be used.

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