Possessive adjectives

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    Always me... [​IMG]

    Today is bout Possessive adjectives...

    N petruv otec (peter's father)
    G petrova otec (of the peter's father)
    D petrovu otec (to peter's father)

    Is it right?

    In my book there are two adj-guide: otcuv and matcin (c with hacek);
    Does an adjective belong to the first or the second adj-guide depending on the last consonant (hard and soft, just like for nouns)?

    Thanx in advance [​IMG]

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  2. Dana

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    Hi Kikko,

    The correct way is:

    N Petruv otec
    G Petrova otce
    D Petrovu otci
    A Petrova otce
    V Petruv otce (c with hacek)
    L Petrovu otci
    I Petrovým otcem

    You have to change the noun too - otec, otce, otci..., like in muz, muze, muzi... (z with hacek).

    The difference between "otcuv" and "matcin" is the gender of the noun - masc. (otec) vs. fem. (matka). So when changing masculine nouns into possessives, you'll use "otcuv", and when changing feminine nouns into possessives, you'll use "matcin"

    chlapec (boy), syn (son), kamarád (friend - masc.), pes (dog) will have the endings of "otcuv" - chlapcuv, synuv, kamaráduv, psuv
    dívka (girl), dcera (daughter), kamarádka (friend - fem.), Hanka (fem. name) will have the endings of "matcin" - dívcin, dcerin (r with hacek), kamarádcin, Hancin
  3. Kikko

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    Thanx Dana [​IMG]

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