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  1. metz

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    I am trying to determine if buying the 4 day Prague card or the 10 monument pass is worth while. We will be visiting Prague the first part of May and will be visiting the typical tourist attractions. Any advice regarding the Prague cards will be very much appreciated. Thank-you in advance for your help. Also, if one enjoys walking, is a bus pass necessary to get around to the attractions? Or are they within walking distance for 3 very healthy people?
  2. jpkrohling

    jpkrohling Member

    Not sure about the other benefits of the Prague Card, but Prague is certainly a city to be enjoyed by walking :) From Wenceslas Square to the Prague Castle, you can do it by walking, with wonderful stops in between :)
  3. rsalc1

    rsalc1 Well-Known Member

    Most of the Prague attractions are within walking distance, however, each time that I have visited Prague, I have bought a bus/metro/tram pass.

    Typically, I take public transportation from my hotel to a site. Then walk from one site to another. Other times, I have taken public transportation to go from one site to another.
    I really like the convenience of hopping on a tram or the metro as needed :)

    Just be sure to validate your jízdenka and have it with you in case an inspector wants to see it!
  4. Ctyri koruny

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    I just walk everywhere, because wherever you go there are beautiful streets... but this is a mistake if you have a bus to catch.. as I learned yesterday, i left myself an hour to get back to the Forenc. .thinking this would be enough... if I had just taken the underground I'd have made it, but not having used it before I decided to walk, got hopelessly lost, had to take the train home (zig zagging across the country), which took four hours (instead of the 2 and a half the bus takes) and cost me a days wages. *grumble grumble grumble*

    On the bright side the old lady at the information window wasn't a spiteful troll like everyone else who seems to work here, in fact she was an absolute princess and I want to marry her. She explained to me very slowly and carefully where I would have to get the train, how to get there, what tube to take and in what direction, what time it would be etc etc. and I left that window for the first time feeling proud of myself for understanding, instead of feeling like an absolute idiot and cursing the whole of Prague.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, I would recommend walking everywhere, my aged parents on the other hand got the trams everywhere and said that they were wonderful.
    The tourist spots are all near enough to the river, so just find the river and use it to navigate. And don't pay more that 25 crowns for a bottle of water.
  5. rsalc1

    rsalc1 Well-Known Member

    It is true that Prague is a wonderful place to go for long walks.
    However, I always get my metro/tram/bus pass. It comes in handy:
    a. in case of bad weather
    b. if you feel too tired to walk a few more kilometers
    c. sometimes it is just fun to ride around in a tram, especially tram 22

    Good advice on not paying more than 25 korun for a bottle of water.
    And if you buy at a local supermarket, you can get a bottle of water for about 10 korun (depending on the brand 0,5 liter to 1,5 liter). A local friend pointed that out to me :)

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