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    My husband and I are planning a trip to Prague next spring and we'd like to bring our two little daughters (4 and 6 years old). What are some of the things the girls would enjoy while in Prague? Are there any shows, performances or fun places to take them? We're planning to spend 3-5 days.
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    I have seen there is no reply on your question. Maybe one tip: the zoo in Prague ( The are also good theatre performance for children, but in Czech.
    If I have another idea, I will write it.
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    You might be interested in learning about a new booklet published by the International Women's Association of Prague (IWAP) called "Prague for Kids: Activities, Outings, Trips, and Other Things To Do With Children in Prague." Its 60 pages are filled with more than 100 ideas of things to do with kids, including museums, parks, zoos, child-friendly restaurants, the performing arts, and day trips. To obtain a copy of the book, which sells for 150 Kc (all proceeds go to charity), contact IWAP at 2225-2220 weekday mornings, or write IWAP at Polska 28, 12000 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

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