Prazak Quartet

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  1. blixx

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    I just recieved a email from my sister about this famous Quartet and it sparked my interest because my last name is Prazak. I've been searching all over for information and I just had a few questions.

    First off, how is Prazak actually pronounced? I pronounce it as pray-zak, but I've always wondered how it is actually said.

    Secondly, I am planning on studying abroad in Prague next semester and I read somewhere that Prazak actually means 'an inhabitant of Prague'. Is that actually true? Is it a really common name in Prague?

    Thirdly, is there anything in Prague or the Czech Republic in general that has any information on the Prazak Quartet? I would absolutely love to see anything that pertains to the quartet during my stay in Prague. Any museums, auditoriums, etc. would be what I'm looking for. Or a good website where I could actually listen to some of their music because I haven't been able to find any as of yet.

    Any information on my last name or the quartet is greatly appreciated. I couldn't be more excited to visit Prague after all this history I've stumbled upon. I'd love to find out more, but I'm at a dead end on where to look since I've exhausted the google searches. Thank you in advance!

    -Brian Prazak
  2. eso

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    Yes, it is.

    Pražák is common Czech name, not only in Prague. Part of my mother's family are Prazaks :)

    Try look for "Pražákovo kvarteto" - it's Czech name of group.
  3. dzurisova

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    I'm not czech but by the way eso spelled it, it's probably pronounced pra (short a) zhak (like shock the vowel is prolonged a little). [prazhaak]

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