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    My name is Tim Lebetsamer with SQA Services. SQA is a consultancy firm based out of Rolling Hills, CA (near Los Angeles). We perform mainly Quality Audit, Quality Inspection, and Quality Engineering activities for Fortune 500 companies all around the world.

    My company is currently performing a Quality Inspection project at a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing facility in Kladno,CZ. Although we now have enough data about the types of non-conformities and defects in the boards, we now require a Quality Engineer's services at the plant to help manage the project and to help us formulate a way to move forward regarding the manufacturing process. The job would likely last 3-6 weeks, and possibly longer. We would pay a fair rate for the activity.

    Would you be interested in traveling to the Czech Republic to perform this activity for SQA? If you would, or know anyone who would be then I would like to speak with them as soon as possible.

    SQA currently has a Project Manager in Prague. He is willing to speak with or meet any individuals you believe would be qualified and available to perform the project. If you have any information or any ideas about someone else I can contact regarding this position, please let me know.

    Tim Lebetsamer - SQA

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