Secondary Schools in Prague for English Speaking Students

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Dragonlady, Oct 22, 2005.

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    Hi All! I am an American who may have a job opportunity in Prague soon and have been trying to find information regarding secondary schools for english-speaking students. My daughter will soon be 14 and is currently in the 8th grade (brit 9th year).

    I have found information on 3 schools so far:
    British International School in Prague (P4, 13,800 Euro/yr )
    International School (P6, Nebusice, $19,679US/yr)
    Riverside School (P6, Sedlec, $6,597US/yr)

    Does anyone know more about these schools? Only the BISP school has transportation. Does anyone know how difficult transportation to/from these schools would be? Are there any other english-speaking alternatives for secondary school? Are there alternatives in the Czech public schools?

    My daughter speaks no Czech so I need to put her in an english speaking program so she doesn't lose time before graduation. We all plan on learning Czech as a family if we are to live in Prague. If we stay several years and if my daughter picks up the language well enough, we may look at a Czech school (she'll get excellent grades in english class... :lol: )

    To be honest, the cost of the ISP and BISP schools could mean we can't go to Prague. My daughter's school could "make or break" our decision due to the costs. The Riverside school is a possibility money-wise, but the information is sparse on their website. I recall travelling to Sedlec from Prague once and it seemed quite a distance. Any thoughts on transportation?

    I haven't yet contacted any schools. I was hoping that someone here, especially those who work in education, might have some advice. I have visited Prague and fell in love with the city so when this opportunity came about, I felt I had to pursue it. I think the experience of living in Prague will be exciting for my teenage daughter as well.

    Right now we are living in the dirt pit called Texas and between the 100F+ days in the summer and the right wing republican movement, we feel a might stifled. :lol:

    Thanks in advance to everyone!
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    You should definitely consider Riverside, my sisters kids go there and have done for years, I hear only good things about it. The location is a short bus ride from Dejvicka, Prague 6.
    I know that there are plenty of American and Canadian kids there.

    If you need any more help, feel free to send me a pm or email me directly on

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    Thanks for the info, Sam. After researching a bit closer, I found this is a religious school. Ours is not a religious family. How big is religion in their curiculum and school culture? It looks like 2 required credits until age 16, after that it's an elective. Also, my daughter is active in band and plays percussion. It doesn't look like music is an option at this school. Any further info you have about it would be appreciated.

  4. Sam

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    I understand that it is based on a C of E system, but I know that there is a very mutli-cutural mix there, including Czechs, so I wouldn't have thought that the religion was overpowering. I think it would be best if I try to put you in touch with another American family with kids at the school. If you send me a contact email, I'll do my best.
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